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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday - Alligators, ADHD Aids and Kids


Bullying the Allergies

Kids are bullied constantly for a variety of meaningless traits and style choices, but latest data shows that allergies are newest amongst the list.  As if being a kid in school wasn’t tough enough somtimes now your allergies can set you back.  Does it make it hard to find a date for the prom too?  Hope not.

How was it for you growing up? Is this more of an American/European trait or does this generally occur worldwide? Leave your comments.


A study shows that Kids who are diagnosed with ADHD have a higher risk of Depression and Suicide.  Using a pool of often relatively young persons some as young 6 and 4, studies showed that those diagnosed who had mothers with similar difficulties exhibited high risk factors.  Unfortunately between Cyber- Bullying and hypersexualization, our poor new comers truly have an awfully tight rope to walk.


In the 80s, Cutter Laboratories, a Bayer arm, was a large manufacturer of hemophiliac drugs  which acted as blood clotting agents for those in need.  Worldwide demand was being met.  However, nearly a2 decades later reporters unearth minutes from meetings during the time which suggested that Cutter knowingly distributed solutions tainted with the AIDS virus.  (Note that the image above refers to the Cutter Incident.  A completely seperate case in which Cutter Laboratories distributed live Polio vaccine to unsuspecting…patients.)

Initially, Cutter was producing a formulation of its drug known commonly as the unheated brand, which was cheaper but became contaminated as the sources for plasma were not heavily regulated during those.  Soon realizing what happened, Cutter stopped selling the untreated/unheated variety of the Drug in the west, shipping it’s reserves to Asian markets, among others, in an apparent attempt to sell the remaining dosages of the older drug.  Basically, they KNOWINGLY shipped tainted solutions to quote ‘developing’ markets.  And to make bad matters worse, the FDA, while generally disapproving, requested that the problem be dealt with quietly, in the dark, making that agency complicit.  Not the first time, but hopefully of the last. Read More

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