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Monday, October 11, 2010

Write On - Blogger Journalist Often Face Stiff Penalties for the Freedom to Document

With the great boom of the internet, the media has come to mean anyone with a netbook and a moderate modem connection onto the information highway can participate in the trafficking of information.  What was once relegated to big media conglomerates, newspapers and officially sanctioned information sources has now become the fodder for a free people anywhere within reach.

But the tentacles of management are never far behind.  Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas, well known for his raw portrayal of injustices in his home country displays all to well the costs of guerilla journalism.  From torture to corruption independent stringers have always covered the corners of a story that aren’t fit for local television, and have recently found that with the advent of blogs, they can do so more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

This phenomenon is largely due to the development of the internet as a framwork for applications.  What before was firstly nearly impossible due to lack of simple connectivity between pages, and secondly extremely difficult due to the complexity of web development, has become a packaged boxed product where anyone with an idea for a  username and password can setup a blog in minutes, sans programming.  We say, write on good friends, write on.  

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