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Is Anyone Out There?

Published by dimesonmars on Monday, October 4, 2010

August 2010 Slobek and Tomaz, pleased with their previous endeavors decided to take to the airways to discuss topics of human interest on this great planet of ours. However they fell asleep midway into the project as, per norm. Sleep demanded the hours they’d brazenly stolen the week before; they had hoped this would go unnoticed.


Tomaz woke amidst his drool, his head stiff against the red dirt, a lock in his neck to find he was not where he thought he was. Glancing at Slobek, who typically sleeps in, he noticed that they were indeed outside, in the same rags for wear with pizza boxes from the night before close beside. He poked and prodded until Slobek too awoke, jumping wide eyed at the sight to behold. For off in the distance, like a glowing orb of superior saphhirority, was earth, apparently.

Well Ain’t that rich. Luckily Mars looks nothing like the above.  After shaking off the dirt on their shoulders, the duo wandered into a nearby cafe, booted up their laptops and began broadcast. On Mars, our opinions are worth dimes.

The internet is just the beginning.  Is anyone else out there?