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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hell Bent by Kenna

Topic today: Trans-humanism

Moving towards a society where man plays God. Are we sure this is what we want? Do we know what we are getting into with nanotechnology, GMo foods, computer chips embedded in humans, pharmacology, and the abundance of other technological advances?

Celebrate Non-GMO Month in October

Raise awareness around you. We do not know what goes into GMO foods. These products have not been properly tested. They are not natural. Once introduced into our ecosystem, they cannot be removed. Think about it. We are playing with fire. Let’s get this topic on the table. The dinner table. The public needs to speak out before it’s too late. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

20-year-old frozen embryo is born

A 42-year-old Norfolk, Virginia woman has given birth to a healthy boy from an embryo that had been frozen for almost 20 years, reports the journal Fertility and Sterility. The woman received the embryos from a couple who had also undergone the IVF, in vitro fertilization process and successfully conceived. The distinction came in the fact that these leftover embryos have been frozen for nearly 20-years! This means that this newborn has a sibling out there who was conceived at the same time, but is 20 years old.

Oh, the head spinning that happens when technology is applied to the nuances of life. In a separate procedure, a mother froze embryos for her 7-year-old daughter, who was born with condition that could leave her infertile. If the daughter uses these embryos, she will give birth to a half-brother or sister!

In fact, there are roughly 400,000 frozen embryos in existence today. A doctor at the Infertility Center in St Louis (naming it fertility clinic would have been the half-full option) actually advises women to have eggs and ovarian tissue frozen as a sort of safety net in case cancer, life, or age strikes. 

Let us know what you think about these new developments. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

– Masdar City, Arcosanti and PlanIT Valley all vying for a piece of the Eco-Pie

Paolo Soeri’s Arcosanti

Ecocities, those green pasteurs of postmodern living, are the latest in technological midwivery.  The concept being, we can save the earth by wedding technology directly to micro-managing our lives and eventually our very organisms, through H+.  What began in Brave New World, continued through THX 1138 and landed eventually in Arcosanti, masdar city and PlanIT Valley is the realization of this idea, this need to tackle our expansion and consumption problem.

A view of the arcosanti cafe

In Arizona, USA, we have Arcosanti, an urban eco city based on the “Arcology (architecture and ecology)” philosophy of Paolo Soleri, located about 70 miles north of phoenix, that while only a model, attempts to actualize the theory behind urban sustainability.  A key feature being it’s beehive like living quarters where might residents take up housing nestled together in a space-friendly manner.  Everything else one needs, is just downstairs -like living in a mall with it’s own garden if memory serves.  The site has been in development since 1970 and is actually quite neat, aside from my disdain for the proposed living quarters. 

UAE/Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City

Masdar City

Soon to follow, Masdar’s masdar city, an eco energy cluster which again is an uber planned community with a focus on sustainability.  Admist the UAEs recent financial fiascos not drastically unlike ours here, the push for nation states the world over is to shift towards sustainable development as the next innovation, the internet or realestate boom of the 21st century, if you will.  The government of Abu Dhabi is therefore investing directly into building a new Palm City of sorts hedging on the what’s admittedly best for all, while vying for a leadership position in the future of energy development.  Two birds with one stone on this front.  The inhabitants have already moved into the community, though it’s not slated for completion until around 2020.  Masdar City will have universities and innovation centers onsite, a true Silicon Valley made of vegan cheese and tofurkey.

PlanIT Valley

Planned view of PlanIT Valley

Jumping ahead of either of these two, straight from Portugal, is PlanIT Valley, an eco urbia with all the technology you shake a tweet at.  Executive Steve Lewis of Living PlanIT has great ambitions for Europe’s new Silicon Valley. Set for completion around 2015, PlanIT Valley is hoping to have all the eco sustainability of solar panels and grass covered homes with the added benefit of 24 hour all encompassing CCTV surveillance for the safety of it’s inhabitants.  That makes PlanIT especially frightening.  What makes it interesting is it’s model: it is designed using the human body as a framework.  The city has a brain, a nervous system, a stomach and of course, eyes and ears.  A central computer controlling everything from water usage to energy consumption, a stomach which thrives on its own waste and even a set of kidneys to divert water from tanks in need from those with excess.  And the Petabytes of information and heat from processing all the data from the millions of sensors required to manage the city?  It will be used to heat buildings and manage climate.  Did we mention the weather will be monitored and managed to ensure complete control?  What happens when the system catches Rhinovirus, or worse yet, someone develops AIDS (not saying we think that happened or anything.

Chew on that for a while.  The ideas might almost be exciting if it weren’t for the realization that we are ruining our food supply with our love of all things artificial.

Habits Die Hard - so you don’t have to !

Habits are dead remnants, carcasses of life. So be sure and mingle new lessons and forms into your life if you want to be forever young !

Live Longer

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday - Alligators, ADHD Aids and Kids


Bullying the Allergies

Kids are bullied constantly for a variety of meaningless traits and style choices, but latest data shows that allergies are newest amongst the list.  As if being a kid in school wasn’t tough enough somtimes now your allergies can set you back.  Does it make it hard to find a date for the prom too?  Hope not.

How was it for you growing up? Is this more of an American/European trait or does this generally occur worldwide? Leave your comments.


A study shows that Kids who are diagnosed with ADHD have a higher risk of Depression and Suicide.  Using a pool of often relatively young persons some as young 6 and 4, studies showed that those diagnosed who had mothers with similar difficulties exhibited high risk factors.  Unfortunately between Cyber- Bullying and hypersexualization, our poor new comers truly have an awfully tight rope to walk.


In the 80s, Cutter Laboratories, a Bayer arm, was a large manufacturer of hemophiliac drugs  which acted as blood clotting agents for those in need.  Worldwide demand was being met.  However, nearly a2 decades later reporters unearth minutes from meetings during the time which suggested that Cutter knowingly distributed solutions tainted with the AIDS virus.  (Note that the image above refers to the Cutter Incident.  A completely seperate case in which Cutter Laboratories distributed live Polio vaccine to unsuspecting…patients.)

Initially, Cutter was producing a formulation of its drug known commonly as the unheated brand, which was cheaper but became contaminated as the sources for plasma were not heavily regulated during those.  Soon realizing what happened, Cutter stopped selling the untreated/unheated variety of the Drug in the west, shipping it’s reserves to Asian markets, among others, in an apparent attempt to sell the remaining dosages of the older drug.  Basically, they KNOWINGLY shipped tainted solutions to quote ‘developing’ markets.  And to make bad matters worse, the FDA, while generally disapproving, requested that the problem be dealt with quietly, in the dark, making that agency complicit.  Not the first time, but hopefully of the last. Read More