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Monday, October 11, 2010

– Masdar City, Arcosanti and PlanIT Valley all vying for a piece of the Eco-Pie

Paolo Soeri’s Arcosanti

Ecocities, those green pasteurs of postmodern living, are the latest in technological midwivery.  The concept being, we can save the earth by wedding technology directly to micro-managing our lives and eventually our very organisms, through H+.  What began in Brave New World, continued through THX 1138 and landed eventually in Arcosanti, masdar city and PlanIT Valley is the realization of this idea, this need to tackle our expansion and consumption problem.

A view of the arcosanti cafe

In Arizona, USA, we have Arcosanti, an urban eco city based on the “Arcology (architecture and ecology)” philosophy of Paolo Soleri, located about 70 miles north of phoenix, that while only a model, attempts to actualize the theory behind urban sustainability.  A key feature being it’s beehive like living quarters where might residents take up housing nestled together in a space-friendly manner.  Everything else one needs, is just downstairs -like living in a mall with it’s own garden if memory serves.  The site has been in development since 1970 and is actually quite neat, aside from my disdain for the proposed living quarters. 

UAE/Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City

Masdar City

Soon to follow, Masdar’s masdar city, an eco energy cluster which again is an uber planned community with a focus on sustainability.  Admist the UAEs recent financial fiascos not drastically unlike ours here, the push for nation states the world over is to shift towards sustainable development as the next innovation, the internet or realestate boom of the 21st century, if you will.  The government of Abu Dhabi is therefore investing directly into building a new Palm City of sorts hedging on the what’s admittedly best for all, while vying for a leadership position in the future of energy development.  Two birds with one stone on this front.  The inhabitants have already moved into the community, though it’s not slated for completion until around 2020.  Masdar City will have universities and innovation centers onsite, a true Silicon Valley made of vegan cheese and tofurkey.

PlanIT Valley

Planned view of PlanIT Valley

Jumping ahead of either of these two, straight from Portugal, is PlanIT Valley, an eco urbia with all the technology you shake a tweet at.  Executive Steve Lewis of Living PlanIT has great ambitions for Europe’s new Silicon Valley. Set for completion around 2015, PlanIT Valley is hoping to have all the eco sustainability of solar panels and grass covered homes with the added benefit of 24 hour all encompassing CCTV surveillance for the safety of it’s inhabitants.  That makes PlanIT especially frightening.  What makes it interesting is it’s model: it is designed using the human body as a framework.  The city has a brain, a nervous system, a stomach and of course, eyes and ears.  A central computer controlling everything from water usage to energy consumption, a stomach which thrives on its own waste and even a set of kidneys to divert water from tanks in need from those with excess.  And the Petabytes of information and heat from processing all the data from the millions of sensors required to manage the city?  It will be used to heat buildings and manage climate.  Did we mention the weather will be monitored and managed to ensure complete control?  What happens when the system catches Rhinovirus, or worse yet, someone develops AIDS (not saying we think that happened or anything.

Chew on that for a while.  The ideas might almost be exciting if it weren’t for the realization that we are ruining our food supply with our love of all things artificial.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kendall on Sharecropping in the 21st Century

  Low and behold, just when you thought race relations were improved some half-wit teacher takes some kiddies on a field trip. The funniest if not most disturbing thing you’ll hear all day. Guaranteed.

It’s simply not enough to relive the past through Mcgraw Hill, no, you must actually re-live it under the heat of southern sun.

We’ll try to get a hold of the teacher for an interview.


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Friday, August 20, 2010

Anyone out there ?

August 2010 Slobek and Tomaz, pleased with their previous endeavors decided to take to the airways to discuss topics of human interest on this great planet of ours. However they fell asleep midway into the project as, per norm. Sleep demanded the hours they’d brazenly stolen the week before; they had hoped this would go unnoticed.


Tomaz woke amidst his drool, his head stiff against the red dirt, a lock in his neck to find he was not where he thought he was. Glancing at Slobek, who typically sleeps in, he noticed that they were indeed outside, in the same rags for wear with pizza boxes from the night before close beside. He poked and prodded until Slobek too awoke, jumping wide eyed at the sight to behold. For off in the distance, like a glowing orb of superior saphhirority, was earth, apparently.

Well Ain’t that rich. Luckily Mars looks nothing like the above.  After shaking off the dirt on their shoulders, the duo wandered into a nearby cafe, booted up their laptops and began broadcast.

The internet is just the beginning.  Is anyone else out there?