"Dimes on Mars is a private radio station by slobek and tomaz. We specialize in news, storys and radio magazine pieces.

The Studio

Published by dimesonmars on Monday, October 4, 2010

The Studio. Where it all happens. Typically, audio engineers and hosts with the most boast clean rooms with neat cabling, ribbon microphones and equipment racks that roast in the soft glow of production friendly moonlight. Not us.

We broadcast from our 2 bedroom townhouse stacked neatly beside our chambers, where the room duals as a study, a printshop, a photographers studio, an office
a waiting room, an extra bedroom and a workshop. Martians are not as strange as they might initially seem. It\’s remarkably similar to any Peruvian bungalow
or any French Polynesian flat, with hot and cold running water and every other amenity. Modern sensibilities require our sensitivity, which is to say, we are thankful.

Our Rigs

Our setup is generally portable. we have 1 machine, 1 mixer and 2 mics with one telephone patch line. All other audio production needs are handled by
software not created by us. We don\’t have the best

ears, so we tune for what sounds good to us. EQ us to your heart\’s content.