"Dimes on Mars is a private radio station by slobek and tomaz. We specialize in news, storys and radio magazine pieces.


Published by dimesonmars on Monday, October 4, 2010

Tomaz presumes the role of engineer portabluh. Mixing it all together is his primary task. Working with Slobek, he also co-produces Dimes on mars.  On mars, he leads the duos into dive bars to perform tracks off whichever album is their latest, the proceeds of which go towards paying the rent on their martian menage (and the bills on their radio license). He’s of general build, taller with springy black hair and blotted blackened brown balls for eyes. Thu-click-viokqro in the native tongue.

Tomaz also has some interest in software and hardware and is constantly buzzing around the local junk yard collecting scraps for the ultimate machine to beam the pair back home, should they decide it’s where they really want to be.  How would that work?

Time Creation

Basically we’re talking about creating time where none exists, which coincidentally is our theorem for immortality as well, but, more on that later. Our elaborate scheme for getting home is based on holography and resonance. We call it HOTPARTI; the Holographic Thought Projector And Resonant Time Imager. Here’s how it works, in theory.

We place the eletromets onto our heads during an eclipse of Phobos, securing the clasps and attaching the sensor cords.  Once the eclilpse has passed, we initiate phase 1 of the thought projection which involves creating the necessary thought forms which when intersecting, sustain a bilograph .  Generally our terrestial mindsets are enough catalyst to generate the necessary holograms, but Slobek usually enjoys a Martian coffee (Ju-click-niaas)  just prior to the process for the extra boost it gives.  Think nitrous oxide for the nerves.  She usually uses a logarithmic function in partaking of the juclkniaas, which slowly generates the psychosis waveforms. Here’s where the science really kicks in.

Slobek creates one type of waveform while I work on another, which, once the eclipse passes, is altered in such a way by the gravitational change, that the object gets a universal boost and for an instant, if our sensors are biased correctly, begins to resonate with the instant in question.  If resonance is obtained, a third and fourth image is created -external to our personages- which creates a permanent home for the hologram. From here everything becomes more hypothetical, to whatever degree it wasn’t already.

After we’ve verified that the Hologram is established, work begins on deciphering its coordinates and dimensional positioning.  The coordinates will be obtained from the various UPS functions (universe positioning system) where the dimensional position will be ascertained using the DPS (dimensional positioning system). Unfortunately one rub here is the timing requirement.   At the moment calculations show that we can only obtain these coordinates at intervals after the initial phase, which appears to be a 39 day stretch. What seems like years pass before the benign calculations may begin.

Shifting Sands

Once the calculations are worked, the process of Time resonance imaging takes place. More on that later.